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Georgia State University's International Cooperative Education program began in the late 1980s.
Because of increased interaction between countries politically, economically and culturally, the need for students to be educationally and experientially equipped for these
co-op/internships is essential. Many companies, industries and agencies of today and the future will undoubtedly require previous cooperative and internship experiences for employment and advancement. During the past 25 years, more emphasis was placed on student abroad. This was not economically possible for most students. Today, students are participating in student and work abroad and earning money to enroll in classes, pay expenses and engage in serious foreign travel.
All Georgia State University students who meet program and participating employer's requirements are eligible to obtain assignments abroad with International Cooperative Education. Currently, students are able to perform internship assignments up to 12 weeks in Germany. As we continue to expand this program, more countries and varied projects will be added in the future.