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The production of the first album...
Right now the Misfits Of Science are working on their very first album. The difficulties in recording an album only with the help of a personal computer, a creative Soundblaster Live!, a Roland Juno 60, an Ibanez E-Lectric Guitar, a Pearl Drumset and an electronic miniature drumset by Yamaha turn out to be bigger than expected, but there are already four completed songs including the very first release "Can't Touch You Now" which has been sent to DJ Dave in Stuttgart who will play the song at one of his 80s parties in the next few weeks! 
Addition to the Synth-Pop Network and the New Wave Complex...
Most recently the Misfits Of Science have been added to the famous Synth-Pop-Network and to the well-known New Wave Complex. Marco's (webmaster of the Synth-Pop-Network) comment on "Can't Touch You Now":
"That sounded pretty good!  You've earned yourself a place on the SPN list. :-)
Good luck with the band!
-- Marco"
We'll provide you with updates on these actions very soon.
Summer concert...
This summer the Misfits Of Science will most probably perform a very special small gig during an 80s Barbeque-Enchantment Under The Sea-Party! The party sponsored and organized by Control Your Mind Entertainment and will take place somewhere near our home place at a lake. All information on this event will be given to you and the public on the Misfits Of Science, the Control Your Mind and the websites. A special 80s dance-party with a lot of fun and entertainment will await all of you out there! 
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