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...Feels like science, straight from the heart!

You've finally found your way to the Misfits Of Science official website!
Here you'll be able to learn more about us, our music, our motivation and why we believe that the 80s will have a comeback very soon. We hope you'll enjoy these sites with all the news, pictures and mp3s from Germany's one and only Newclear Wave Band. We're working hard to be signed in by a music company in the near future. Meanwhile we do our best to tape our songs with the help of those wonderful personal computers and to release them on the internet and in a small amount of selfmade CDs. Some insiders and clubs started playing and testing our music in the last few weeks and the responses are better than we've ever expected them to be! Newclear Wave rules, definitely! You wonder what Newclear Wave is?
Then find out on these pages! Travel back into the 80s, into the present and into the future of music with the Misfits Of Science!
Hey, hey, hey, ... Misfits!

Misfits Of Science 
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