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Motivation! You always need some motivation to do something special. Therefore we also have several sources of motivation. Listening to Mike Oldfield's Album "Crisis" right now, we are very sure about the fact that music in general is our major source of motivation and inspiration as well.
Music can be a powerful weapon and that's exactly what we want our music to be  - a powerful weapon for having fun, for telling the people what we think and for telling them what we think has to change in this world we all live in! Motivation comes deep from within our hearts. It's the soul of music which drives us far beyond to galaxies never seen before... I guess you know what I'm talking 'bout!
Another important element that drives us is the fact that we don't like nowadays music too much. We've heard enough of this so-called music. The classical musician has been replaced by bad and lousy boy and girl groups, so-called Rap superstars, Techno- and Danceprojects formed by people who even don't know how to play an instrument! Nowadays music also lacks some kind of "Generation Identity and Generation Motivation". In the 50s young people went against the conservative lifestyle of their parents and Rock'n'Roll was born to really rock the people. In the 60s the Beatles defined the rules of modern music! It was a decade of anti-war and human rights demonstrations, followed by the 70s that continued with these wonderful ideals...
... and then came the 80s, the decade we've both grown up with! It was a strange decade with several strange political and social events, but it was a decade in which people fought against nuclear weapons and against famine in the world. It also marks the decade we are most inspired by! The music of the 80s surely is the best music ever done in our eyes (Don't get us wrong, the 60s and 70s were also hot concerning music!)...
... and then came the 90s... Music went worse, ideals started to change, young people and kids started to loose their idols. The 90s finally marked the breakthrough of worldwide capitalism. Don't get us wrong! We don't fully believe in communism either, but this kind of capitalism abusing the poor countries of the world to enrich the already wealthy countries of the world can not be the final solution!!!
These things altogether and the fact that we think we are able to make it somehow drive us doing our kind of music that is different compared to the music you can listen to anywhere outside!
We wanna make a change in music and a change in this world! Maybe we can do it, maybe we will fail... who knows...
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