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Thorsten Andrich and Tobias Winkler meet the first time in elementary school. They talk a lot about child movies and TV series, but don't like each other too much. They attend different schools after elementary school!
September 1993:
Tobias Winkler and Thorsten Andrich meet once again while being prepared for their Protestant confirmation. They start talking once again and discover their love for 80s music and movies. Step by step they become best friends.
Summer 1995:
Thorsten Andrich (drums), Tobias Winkler (guitars, vocals) and Georg Gensheimer (synthesizers / another one of Tobi's friends since his early childhood) decide to start a New Wave Rock band called "Crazy 4 Ever". A fourth member is still missing.
In late 1995:
Adelheid G. joins the band as the rhythm guitar player...
2 months later:
Adelheid G. deserts the band (the Misfits have to admit that her guitar playing wasn't at its best, either). Ortwin L. becomes a new member of the band and knows how to play the bass guitar well enough.
Spring 1996:
Ortwin L. also deserts the band telling the Misfits that he hasn't enough time to do music with them!
Some weeks later:
Georg Gensheimer's interest in the band's future declines to zero. He leaves the band. The Misfits have to admit that he has the power and the ability to become a very good keyboarder, but well, he doesn't want to!
Mid 1996:
Tobias Winkler and Thorsten Andrich try to keep the idea of a New Wave Rock band alive and do everything to found a complete band! Eva S. and Oliver J. join the band for a few sessions, but soon show no interest anymore. (Eva's parents didn't allow her to join the band and Oliver, well, he could not decide whether to join or not!)
Spring 1997:
The band once known as "Crazy 4 Ever" changes its name into "Plex"!
Summer 1997:
Evelyn R. shows interest and joins for a couple of sessions. "Plex" decide to change their name into "Misfits Of Science" after watching some episodes of the brilliant 80s TV series "Misfits Of Science"!
Summer 1998:
Oliver J. tells the Misfits that he would still be interested in the band. The Misfits refuse.
1998 - 1999:
Thorsten Andrich and Tobias Winkler are still searching for an enthusiastic bass guitar player and an enthusiastic synthesizer player! Where are these guys?
Late 1999:
First tests in recording songs with the help of a personal computer show good results and soon after that "Can't Touch You Now" experiences its birth! The work goes on and an album is to be released in early - mid 2000!
The beginning of a new millenium and the year that will perhaps be the Misfits Of Science's start into an era of being superstars!!! 
More to come very soon...
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